Both the source code and precompiled jar files are available. The latest stable code can be downloaded from Sourceforge while the bleeding edge can be checkout from Github. A list of dependencies and build instructions are also provided below.

Stable Release

The latest stable release is available on Source Forge, with direct links provided below for your convenience.

Bleeding Edge

The latest source code is available from GitHub. Most of the time it should compile without any problems. If you get a compiler error and its missing a function/class in EJML you will need to checkout the latest source code from that project too. Not familiar with GIT? Learn about it here

Git repository:

In Linux you can check out the code from git using the following commands:

git clone git:// --branch SNAPSHOT ddogleg

Maven and Gradle

To include the latest stable release in your Maven projects add the following dependency. Be sure to set VERSION to whatever the latest stable version is.




compile group: 'org.ddogleg', name: 'ddogleg', version: '0.23.1'


DDogleg depends on EJML for matrix operations and also uses JUnit for unit testing.