Class CachedGradientLineFunction

All Implemented Interfaces:
CoupledDerivative, CoupledGradient, GradientLineFunction, LineSearchFunction

public class CachedGradientLineFunction extends Object implements GradientLineFunction
From separate classes for the function and gradient computations implements GradientLineFunction. Results are cached until the next time a line set of parameters or line position is specified.
  • Field Details

    • N

      protected int N
    • start

      protected double[] start
    • direction

      protected double[] direction
    • cachedFunction

      protected boolean cachedFunction
    • cachedGradient

      protected boolean cachedGradient
    • currentInput

      protected double[] currentInput
    • currentGradient

      protected double[] currentGradient
    • currentOutput

      protected double currentOutput
    • function

      protected FunctionNtoS function
    • gradient

      protected FunctionNtoN gradient
  • Constructor Details

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