Class InitializeStandard<P>

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public class InitializeStandard<P>
extends Object
implements InitializeKMeans<P>
Seeds are selects by randomly picking points. This is the standard way to initialize k-means
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    • InitializeStandard

      public InitializeStandard()
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    • initialize

      public void initialize​(PointDistance<P> distance, long randomSeed)
      Description copied from interface: InitializeKMeans
      Initializes internal data structures. Must be called first.
      Specified by:
      initialize in interface InitializeKMeans<P>
      distance - Distance function between two points
      randomSeed - Seed for any random number generators used internally.
    • selectSeeds

      public void selectSeeds​(LArrayAccessor<P> points, int requestedSeeds, DogArray<P> selectedSeeds)
      Description copied from interface: InitializeKMeans

      Given the a set of points, select a set of seeds to initialize k-means from.

      • How duplicate points are handled isn't specified. It could result in two seeds having the same value or the number of selected seeds being less that the requested amount
      • If the number of points is less than the number of seeds requested it will at most select one seed for each point
      Specified by:
      selectSeeds in interface InitializeKMeans<P>
      points - (Input) Set of points which is to be clustered.
      requestedSeeds - (Input) Number of seeds it will attempt to select. See above for exceptions.
      selectedSeeds - (Output) Storage for selected seeds. They will be copied into it.
    • newInstanceThread

      public InitializeKMeans<P> newInstanceThread()
      Description copied from interface: InitializeKMeans
      Creates a new instance which has the same configuration and can be run in parallel. Some components can be shared as long as they are read only and thread safe.
      Specified by:
      newInstanceThread in interface InitializeKMeans<P>