Class RansacMulti.ObjectType<Model,​Point>

Enclosing class:

public static class RansacMulti.ObjectType<Model,​Point>
extends Object
Describes a model and RANSAC fit parameters for specific type of object.
  • Field Details

    • thresholdFit

      public double thresholdFit
      how close a point needs to be considered part of the model
    • sampleSize

      public int sampleSize
      The number of points it samples when generating a set of model parameters. if ≤ 0 then the minimum number will be used
    • modelGenerator

      public ModelGenerator<Model,​Point> modelGenerator
      generates an initial model given a set of points
    • modelDistance

      public DistanceFromModel<Model,​Point> modelDistance
      computes the distance a point is from the model
    • modelManager

      public ModelManager<Model> modelManager
      Used to create new models and copy models
  • Constructor Details

    • ObjectType

      public ObjectType()