Class UnconLeastSqTrustRegionSchur_F64<S extends DMatrix>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IterativeOptimization, UnconstrainedLeastSquaresSchur<S>

public class UnconLeastSqTrustRegionSchur_F64<S extends DMatrix>
extends TrustRegionBase_F64<S,​HessianSchurComplement<S>>
implements UnconstrainedLeastSquaresSchur<S>
Implementations of UnconstrainedLeastSquaresSchur. Uses HessianSchurComplement_DSCC to compute the Schur complement and perform all math related to the Hessian. The Hessian is stored in a custom block format and the Hessian referenced in the parent class is ignored. All functions which reference the original Hessian are overriden.
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