Class ConfigKMeans


public class ConfigKMeans extends Object
Configuration for K-Means clustering
  • Field Details

    • initializer

      public KMeansInitializers initializer
      Which initialization algorithm
    • maxIterations

      public int maxIterations
      Maximum number of iterations, across all seeds combined
    • reseedAfterIterations

      public int reseedAfterIterations
      If it doesn't converge within this many iterations a new seed is created
    • maxReSeed

      public int maxReSeed
      Maximum number of times it will reseed before stopping. If %le; then there is no limit.
    • convergeTol

      public double convergeTol
      Change in distance criteria when testing for convergence
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigKMeans

      public ConfigKMeans()
  • Method Details

    • setTo

      public void setTo(ConfigKMeans src)
    • checkValidity

      public void checkValidity()